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Our Story

A boutique thoroughbred syndicator situated in the heart of Victoria’s racing country, 360 Bloodstock is Australia’s youngest and most innovative bloodstock group and an authorized representative of Stable Connect.

Family owned and run with over a decade of equine, racing and business experience, 360 Bloodstock was born out of passion for the thoroughbred industry. Wanting to share the joy of racing with family and friends, our vision to make the experience of owning racehorses more approachable, enjoyable and involved is driven by our commitment to quality and dedication to tailored animal welfare. 

Specializing in the breeding, syndication, training and management of thoroughbreds, our innovative and hands-on approach to the bloodstock industry incorporates the use of multimedia and creative communications to enhance ownership experiences. 

From the select breeding process, management of training and race careers, through to the safe retirement of thoroughbreds, 360 Bloodstock promises to deliver consistent enjoyment, informed decisions and an involved journey to success.


What Makes Us Different

  • Australia’s only syndicator to live on the farm, caring directly for the horses within our stable we pride ourselves on knowing our horses in their entirety, seeing them multiple times a day, every day

  • With equine welfare a foremost priority, we select our animals based on quality, not quantity, keeping us boutique and focused on our bloodstock

  • Believers in listening to the horse, first, we only progress our horses into training and racing once they are physically and mentally ready to do so, giving us the best chance at success by running horses who have proven they want to be there

  • We want you involved from day one. Join us at the sales, bring your family to meet your new addition, get to know their quirks and understand the process that goes into their success. You’re an important part of the 360 Bloodstock team.


Becoming An Owner

Interested in racehorse syndication? Our dedicated team is on hand to walk you through the selection and ownership process. Unique and innovative in our approach, 360 Bloodstock works with clients to educate, involve and include them in their racehorse’s care, training and career, from breeding and purchase, to their safe retirement. 

Invested in the hand-selection of each horse, our buying team is comprised of equine healthcare experts, trainers, experienced breeders and bloodstock management experts, each focused on the quality and potential of the animal, as opposed to quantity of horses. 

With shares starting from 5%, our management fees are competitive and approachable, offering a wealth of experience and added value to provide owners the opportunity to develop and grow their relationship with their horse, and remain included across decisions. 

We want you involved from day one. 360 Bloodstock syndicate benefits and opportunities include:

  • Invitation to join us at the sales for the selection process

  • Horse profile, including breeding, statistics and key quirks

  • Exclusive meet and greet upon purchase

  • Invitation to visit the farm to meet your horse whilst spelling

  • Trackwork visits and inspection days 

  • Weekly training and care update, including video and photography throughout spelling, pre-training and training 

  • Race updates, including nominations, acceptances and barrier draws

  • Pre and post-race feedback from trainer and jockey

  • Insider reports from trainers and jockeys

  • Industry updates 

  • Ticket’s to the Member’s Stand 

  • Owner’s Pass to trackside Mounting Yard for pre-race instruction and post-race commentary

  • Access to designated trackside owner’s room, inclusive of refreshments

  • Monthly 360 Bloodstock newsletters

  • Reduced management fee when two or more racehorses are owned by one owner

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